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Hi People,

Are you tired of long tedious hours of working out at the gym, starving your selves out, sad that you cant fit into that luvly dress or not just confident with your size????

Do you want to lose weight fast ,boost your self esteem and rock all those fabulous clothes you ever dreamt of? If YES... then search no further,

Try the Green World Slimming Capsules with our Pro Slim Tea, Chitosan Capsules, intestine cleansing tea and Spirulina plus capsule. We have testimonials of people who have lost a great deal of weight with this combination. 


Try also the VIBRATING SLIMMING BELT which helps to burn belly FAT RAPIDLY, tone and firms up the belly inner muscles and outer skin, gives a slimmer and defined waist-line and enhances your curves to give a superb shape!


No side effects, no purging, 100% safe for long or short term consumption. 

The price of Green World Slimming Capsules is: N4500.
The price of Green World Pro Slim Tea is: N2700.
The price of Green World Chitosan Capsules is: N4700.
The price of Green world Intestinal cleansing tea is: N2700.
The Green world Spirulina capsule cost: N4800.
The Vibrating Slimming belt cost : N18, 500.

You can request your copy of Ways you can make money with Green world via email.

POSSIBLE DELIVERY to offices and homes in Lagos For N500 only. Delivery also possible to all states in Nigeria, the UK, USA and EUROPE....YES!!!

Registering as a Green World Distributor is N2100. It is cheaper to join as a distributor and save money when buying your products. 

For Product ORDER & Business Opportunity, pls contact:
Charity on: +234 (0) 803 914 2820.